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On this page i've tried to put some tips and adivice about unicycling also the differnt types of unicycles and what they're best for etc hope it's helpful!


Types of Unicycles

Freestyle:This is a term used to describe the unicycle competition where music, movement and a skill high level are mixed. This is not frequently seen in the UK but can be seen at UNICON (the unicycle world championships). The unicycles used are normally 20inch (but not always) and have slick tyres. At Unicycle.com we use the term to describe the basic ranges of unicycles that are suitable for majority of tricks and games, like unicycle hockey.

Learner: We use this term do describe those unicycles that we feel most suit someone who is learning. These are generally the same as the freestyle unicycles but of a less heavy-duty nature. To help people when they are buying their first unicycle we produce the learner kits that contain the most commonly bought items when learning.

Road: It would not be sensible to use a 20inch unicycle to commute to work or school. But there are unicycles that are; these are the road unicycles. They generally have larger wheels and proportionally shorter cranks. The Coker that has a 36inch tyre is capable of speed in excess of 20 mph with an experienced rider. While the 28inch Nimbus is quite capable of exceeding 15 mph. These are not really learner machines and are for experienced riders.

Muni: Unicycles off-road? Yes, that is what this is. Muni is the name of the product name used by Pashley for their range of off-road unicycles, but is commonly to mean any off road unicycle. Off road unicycling is probably the fastest growing sector of unicycling in the world. Munis have to be very strong and generally have bigger wheels/tyres and longer cranks. The Pashley Muni are an off the shelf solution but here at Unicycle.com we will produce a special off road machine to your specification, we have an example in the catalogue in the UDC Max Traction.

Trails: After the release of the Universe Video there has been an explosion of people who want to jump on and off picnic tables or ride along railings. The unicycles to do this are still only produced as specials, have a look at the UDC Max Bounce 1 and 2, and these have massive 2.5inch wide tyres and special rims. They are called the Max Bounce because they really do!

Giraffes: A giraffe is a tall unicycle or to be exact a unicycle which is driven with a chain, this needs to be said because there is no way you could call the fleet mini giraffe a tall unicycle at only 18ft above the ground! Giraffes are generally easier to ride than a standard unicycle after you have over come the fear of being so high and the problem of getting up there. This said they are not for the beginner because falls will cause injuries.

Which will you choose?

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