Buying Guide

I've tried to put together a rough guide for helping you decide on unicycle stuff to buy, i don't exactly have much experience myself (as i only own one) but i've changed stuff on my uni and done it up so i'll review the things i've 'done it up' with and maybe that'll help you decide when buying stuff. Hopefully this page will grow as i buy more stuff and maybe later get more unicycles who knows?

Unicycle 'no frills'

This used to be my unicycle and in some ways still is except over time i've improved it and it now has a lovley red KH velo seat, chunky tyre and shiny good grip silver pedals! The big good thing about this uni is its cheap, (well as i far as unicycles go i think it is anyway!) the pedals don't have amazing grip though which is why i changed them they were plastic and weren't good enough for what i wanted. I changed the tyre for two reasons: becasue it didn't have a lot of grip, and i think the chunky tyre looks cool!

Kris Holm Velo Seat

The seat why did i change that...well have you ever sat on a KH velo seat? then you'll understand! for all those poor deproved people who have not felt the luxury and cosy comfort of a KH then the other reason i changed it was because i went on a 6 mile ride along the camel trail (3 miles of that without stopping once) and it was after that 3 miles on my old seat that i realised i needed a new one. I saved up for the velo seat (made sure i selected 'red' for the colour on i havn't looked back since.

Maxxis Max Daddy Tyre