My little 'getting started' guide

Need some tips on how to get started?
Here a little guide a put together, hope it's useful...

The first step in unicycling, comes in handy later on if you don't want to fall off! Hold the unicycle out in front of you and put your favourite foot on the pedal, now step up onto it but don't stay there long just step over it, this is how you dismount, and is very useful later...

Riding with a wall (or any other solid life saving object!)

Notice I've said riding with a wall or something solid this is because sometimes people aren't the best thing to help you learn because (i find anyway) they'll have a laughing fit and then set you off, then you usually end off falling off! Even better than a wall would be two bars either side or in an alley way where you have a wall either side, there is a danger though if you have something either side you will become to dependent on support

Wall on! Wall off!
Sounds a bit weird I didn't really know what to name this step, it's sort of the next stage of 'riding with a wall or aid.' You do the same as before only every now and again (when you feel ready) let go of the wall (still staying in grabbing distance) and try riding a few wheel turns without clutching it for deaf life! feel good? that's your first step into proper unicycling!

Launching into the abyss

This is where it starts to get scary...very scary! Ok back to your trusty wall or solid object again, but not for long. Get on your unicycle and put yourself so your back is against the wall and your hands are ready to push you off, yes push you off into the great abyss! mwhahaha! (I can laugh about it now but when I was doing it believe me I wasn't laughing!) Right, sit up straight, take a few deep breaths (if you're asthmatic have your inhaler at hand!) and launch! Don't panic stay calm and try to ride a few pedals don't make the mistake I used to make and suddenly think, "Wow I'm riding a unicycle, yikes!" because I did and got excited and ended up on the floor.

Unaided, No wall, Out into the big wide world!

You thought launching into the abyss was fun wait you try this it will really get your adrenaline pumping! Mount using a wall or lamppost or something and ride, off wherever you feel until you fall off! But don't fall off, dismount properly! remember those stepovers the very first thing we practiced well now's your chance to put them into action!

Free Mounting

Tired of having to find a wall, lamppost, bin, or tree to launch off? Free mounting solves that, but it takes a lot of practice. Start by practicing a few stepovers but as you do them instead of just stepping-right-over try to stay up for a couple of seconds before putting your foot down the other side, gradually build it up so each time stay up a little longer before stepping off. Before trying this make sure your pedal are in line horizontally. Then try stepping up onto your unicycle and push your foot back on the pedal and riding off! I make it sound so easy, it's not at all it takes a lot of practice but when you eventually do get it it sticks and is very useful. Also it looks impressive when people are watching you and you just hop on and ride off!

Idling, (also known as hovering or gliding)

Well i've only just learnt this but i'll do my best to teach you. First of all make sure you're confident with free mounting as this is the first step in learning to idle. When you free mont you push back on the pedal and ride off (hopefully!) instead of riding off simply push back then sort of rock forward instead of riding off then try again push back and rock forward, keep practicing this until you get the feel for rocking back and forward, back and forward. Slowly you will be able to do more 'back and forwards' and then you're idling, its as simple as that, not quite! it takes a lot of practice before you're confident to just ride along then idle for a bit then carry on but keep on practicing and you'll get it in no time.

One-footed Idling

I didn't think it was actually possible but it is!
my one big tip is to imagine you are a clock, or one of those pendulums on the big grandfather clocks, steady and consistent. If you like you can even say tick tock tick tock in your head if you like! (i do :D)
Bascially what you do is when you can idle conifdently and for a fairly long period of time (without falling off!)just hold on to the wall and idle but every now and then take one foot off your pedal then put it back on again, do this a few times until the amount of time you take your foot off the pedal for becomes longer and longer until finally you are able to take your foot off for so long that suddenly to your great suprise and joy you can idle with one foot!