Quotes and Quirky Come Backs

try a few of these out...

We all get it,you're riding down the road or through the park and the ever familiar joke pollutes the peace, "Where's the other wheel?" you smile politly and ride on. Not anymore! Defend your relgion!

Try out these:


"Where's the other wheel?"
"You lost a wheel mate?"
"Is that a unicycle?"
"What do you call that?"
"You from the circus?"
"*whistles the circus them tune*"
"I'll buy you the other half for christmas"
"How do you do that?"
(When you're pushing your unicycle)"Can you ride that?"
"Do a wheelie!"
"I can do that"
"How do you stop?"
"What happens when you get a flat?"
"Hey look at that bike!"
"How do you ride that?"


"I don't carry a spare"
"Uh, actually, it was a TRICYCLE before the accident."
"Yeah look at me!"
"A Bike?"
"No are you?"
"Please i hear that every night on stage"
"Wow! i've always wanted another unicycle!"
Pull an 'i'm thinking face' shrug your shoulders and ride off
"No i'm just taking it for a walk"
"I am"
"Wow i've never seen anyone ride one before"
"I don't"
"I move my furniture in!"
"Where?" (look around, then shrug and ride off)
"Like this"